Loquat Roots offers products and services focused
on holistically empowering women.

Founder Reva Minors is a writer, certified doula, certified Access Bars© practitioner, and self-proclaimed supermom and wonder woman.


Reva is passionate about women empowerment and people living their lives to their fullest potential, flaws and all.


About The Founder


Birth Doula

Varying birth doula packages available to suit any family and financial need.

Postpartum Home Visits

Focused on helping the new family adjust by assisting with such things as light housework, newborn care and meal prep.

Vaginal Steaming

Private individual sessions to improve vaginal health including menstrual cramps, PMS, yeast infections and libido.


It was my third pregnancy; I was labelled high risk and I was determined to have a vaginal birth. Reva was very receptive to my needs but what impressed me the most was she also took an interest in my husband's needs and concerns. Not many people realize how important your partner is to the process and how much the mother depends on their support. She was knowledgable, patient and extremely supportive. I can be a very stubborn woman when I know what I want but she never forced my hand, she would just provide me with information allowing me to make a well informed decision. Her professionalism and creativity is admirable; and her passion far exceeds others who may trump her in years of experience. She did an amazing job and I highly recommend her services! We are very blessed to have her support which continues to this day.

— T. Simmons