3 sample size tins of tea curated for your loved one. Includes a stainless steel tea ball strainer and tied with a bow this gift is all ready to give. Choose from 3 different gift sets:


Wellness Set - perfect for the health conscious person in your life. Includes 1 tin of Detox Blend, 1 tin of Soothing Tummy and 1 tin of Get Low.


Relaxation Set - encourage a calming atmosphere for the busy person. Includes 1 tin of Lavender Relaxation, 1 tin of Anti-anxiety Blend and 1 tin of Soothing Tummy


Maternity Set - made for the mama-to-be, this set has teas that she can enjoy from the beginning to beyond her pregnancy. Includes 1 tin of Soothing Tummy for the first trimester, 1 tin of Goddess Renewal for the third and fourth trimesters and 1 tin of Lavender Relaxation for milk production if breastfeeding.

3 Tea Gift Set -Small

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